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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed independent contractor who provides professional services to their clients in johannesburg.

What can a VA do?

A VA can do virtually anything from basic admin to website development to running SEO marketing campaigns. It all depends on their skill level.

Why partner with VA?

Our focus is on building longterm, collaborative relationships with our clients.

“The title of this post is about South Africa. Here is why; I have been working with an amazing virtual assistant based in South Africa, handling a number of transactions which previously required me to travel. Now I have them done faster and cheaper thanks to their services. Are virtual assistant services for you? How can you start? What kind for work can you give a virtual assistant? In future, I will blog more about that but meanwhile, you can get some information from the virtual assistant who makes my work easier. Check them out here: http://v-a.co.za/”

Susan Mulongoti

Director, Zicon Media